Spire Future Progressive Vol 1


128 Spire Presets – Craft genuine futuristic progressive lines with over a hundred presets designed to deliver atmospheric, progressive sounds. All presets have mod-wheel mapping and all 4 macro knobs are intelligently mapped for Reveal Sound Spire 1.1 users.

FL Studio 12.2 Project File – Learn new production techniques and see real world examples of how to utilise the presets in production. Everything you hear in the demo is included – all samples, channel strips, MIDI data and mastering Is in place for you to study as the ultimate educational tool.

50 MIDI Files – Just as you’ve heard in the demo, these are complete pieces that are ready for you to mix, match, and groove. All MIDI files are organized into individual folders and named after the presets used for each individual element.

8 Drum Top Loops – Drum top loops that sound like they’ve come straight from the innovative Eric Prydz Beats 1 radio show – all hand crafted, crisp, punchy and readily modified to get your sound out of your head and into your ears.

16 Punchy Progressive Drum Hits – Infuse an authentic ‘Pryda’ feel and make your track stand out with these memorable, cutting drum hits for a true pure progressive sound.

16 FX Shots – 16 ready to go FX samples suitable for transitions, builds and bridges.

2 Vocal Stems – Add a dark, atmospheric touch to your tracks using the provided vocal stems available in both wet and dry variants.

Click Here To Download

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